Accelerate your executive career in the automotive industry

As a specialist automotive recruitment agency, we partner with ambitious individuals at the exec level in the automotive industry to find progressive, growing organisations with roles that reflect their career goals and desires. We recognise that everyone is an individual and that successful matching goes beyond salary and a job title.

Supportive and inclusive automotive recruitment

The candidate is always at the centre of the recruitment process. We insist on meeting either face-to-face or online because you are so much more than a 1-dimensional CV.
An Operations Manager or Sales Director in one automotive firm is not the same as it is in another. Each person brings all of who they are to any position which is why we facilitate an open initial assessment of your career so that we truly understand who you are and what you want first. We are an inclusive automotive recruiter and ensure that for you to achieve your full potential, we gain a clear understanding of your unique needs so that everybody has the same opportunity for success.

Our search process is thoughtful and considered so that it matches exactly what you are looking for. From your CV to deciphering the wording in job ads and descriptions to interview preparation, we give you as much information, support, and coaching as possible so that you can succeed.

Partnering with top automotive businesses

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry:

• Peugeot
• EvoBus Mercedes Benz
• Mercedes Benz
• Close Brothers
• TIP Rental
• ATS Euromaster
• MAN Trucks
• Volvo Trucks

From automotive sales executives to fleet management, distribution, maintenance and servicing, the organisations we work with need high-level candidates who have more than technical knowledge. Our executive hires need to be profit-oriented and have the commercial mindset necessary to evolve and develop both as individuals and to grow the market presence.

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As specialists in automotive recruitment, we are able to access and identify the best talent. Attract top-tier automotive executives with our expertise.

Tailored Approach

Whatever your preference, we can accommodate by offering a bespoke service, tailored to your requirements and preferences.


Over 90% of our clients return with repeat business. This demonstrates the trust our clients put in us.


We guarantee 100% of our candidates will have been fully screened and interviewed. This will save you time and reduce your time to hire.